Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014-01- 07 攝氏零下十二點點八度 Two Seminars on the Coldest Day

The new record: Central Park 4°F. It was 9°F when I was at the Bronx Library Center, and 8°F when I was at Jackson Heights Library. When I got home, the snow in front of the apt was frozen.
2pm-at the conference center of Bronx Library Center

Thanks to Jearn for hosting the Business Series at the library 

Thanks to this group of determined entrepreneurs who attended the seminar on the coldest day

I finished the seminar at 3:30pm in the Bronx, got to the Jackson Library at 4:42pm, finished the seminar at 6:00pm, talked to Richard Kim who is training chefs in Korea, 7:00pm left the library, and got home around 8:30pm. I had to take a photo ON the piles of ice that taller than me. 今天紐約創最低溫, 晚上回到家時只有攝氏零下十二度, 門口的雪凍成冰山, 比我還高. 我必須留影作紀念