Friday, February 28, 2014

2014-02-28 攝氏零下十度18°F(-10°C) LIC and ZCCA

It is freezing cold.
10am Meeting with LIC/Astoria Chamber of Commerce. Arthur 沒有去
12pm-2pm Working at ZCCA disseminating Expo invitation 
2pm -4pm Monthly Seminar at ZCCA.  兩個講員Mwisa & Marco 都沒來, 我講三個講題
Court Square in LIC

9:50am to10:15am at Court Square Plaza lobby
Thanks to the security guard for helping me. 
2pm-4pm at Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of America
I made three presentations because the other two speakers did not come.
"Credit Score and Loan Packing"
"NYS Dept of Tax and Finance programs for Small Business" and
"Doing Business with Government"
Thanks to the 12 attendees for attending the seminar on such a cold Friday.