Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014-06-17 白原鎮 White Plains: Pace Univ and the Library

Walking from the White Plains train station to the library, in front of the Financial Services building

Thanks to the security guard for connecting me to the perfect person

Sylvia Russakoff,  Director, Curriculum and Instruction
Thank you for the meeting and the collaboration to come

Outside the Financial building, continued walking toward the library for the seminar
-- 91 degree --
White Plains Public Library

Galaxy Hall

Glad that Mwisa came and spoke at the seminar

She had to drive back to Albany

Thanks to Holly, Community Capital New York; Sharon, White Plains Library and Kenya, WEDC for
working with me to serve the community.
Thanks to the entrepreneurs for attending the seminar and making it an interesting session

A very very special library




Thanks to Sharon for everything she has done for our Monthly seminar

Thanks for setting up the Galaxy Hall for the seminar