Monday, July 21, 2014

2014-07-21 忙碌的星期一 A Busy Monday

7:15am in the office, 8:47am T was not in, 10am COOP training,
12:10pm Jerome Park Library。 Jennifer said that the seminar was changed to 2pm-4pm
The business owners came at 12:30pm, so we will chagne to 2pm-4pm from next week
12:00pm -2:30pm at Jerome Park Library
Thanks to the good group of  business owners for attending the seminar

2:40pm on the way to the subway station
The #4 train did not stop at the station until 3:00pm

4:00pm Information Culture News
Meeting with Feng Le, VP of ICN

6:00pm with Fng Le 李丰 after the interview by Nanli