Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014-09-24 Ulster 退伍軍人學生俱樂部及Newburgh 講座SUNY Ulster and Newburgh Library

7:30am Starting working in my new office
8:45am-9:15am Presentation to the service-disabled veterans at VA

Thanks to the Commissioner of VA for the photo for Frank Dito's retirement

Thanks to DiDi for the opportunity to talk to the veterans at the Rehabilitation and Employment Division
9:35am Back to the office to meet with Lillie

On the way to SUNY Ulster
Thanks to Lillie for driving and being with me whole day today

12:40pm Tiny pine cones look like roses at SUNY Ulster

1pm-2pm Talking to the veteran students at Veteran Lounge in SUNY Ulster
Thanks to Manual Torres for the opportunity to talk to the veterans
and learn about their business ideas

2nd row Right with necktie: Manuel Torres, Director of Veteran Students and the best DJ

4pm-6pm The 1st seminar at Newburgh Library
Thanks to Chuck Thomas, Newburgh Library, for providing the venue

2nd from R: Hannah Brooks, MD
Thanks to Hannah for initiating and coordinating the seminar

Women-owned businesses

6:30pm Thanks to Hannah for the ride to Beacon Train Station

6:50pm waiting for the 7:14pm train on the platform of Beacon Train Station

8:45pm at Grand Central Station

Walking to the subway station
9:58pm finally got home in Brooklyn