Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014-10-16 紐博市圖書館 Newburgh Library

10am at the New American Chamber of Commerce seminar in Brooklyn
 from the preparation for the MEET THE LENDERS on Oct. 21st

Taking the 1:47pm Metro-North to Newburgh
Thanks to Bruno for picking me up and driving me to the library
3:45pm Congressman Sean Maloney Office across the street from the library

abandoned building next to the library

Newburgh Library, Orange County
The beautiful auditorium

Thanks to Chuck Thomas, Director of Newburgh Library, for hosting the seminars

Salute to the veteran (Left)

On the train back to the city after Hannah driving me to the train station
Thanks to Hannah Brooks for her coordinating the events, connecting to Newburgh and
inspiring advocacy for the community

Tappan Zee Bridge