Friday, October 3, 2014

2014-10-03 拜訪紐約市政府健保部墨西哥領事館來訪 Visiting Citywide Health Insurance and SRE visiting me

10am-12pm The Chinese delegation organized by the Shezheng co

1pm-2pm Meeting at NYC Human Resources Administration Dept of Social Services
L: Audrey Diop, Director, Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access
R: Rosaura Vidal, Outreach and Edu Specialist

Thanks to Audrey and Rosaura for the productive meeting and the collaboration in the future

Walking back to the office

3:00pm Meeting with Francisco X. Tovar Vilchis, Consul for Economic Affairs,
Consulate General of Mexico in New York

The first meeting held in my new office

Thanks to Laura for taking photos from different angles of my office

4:00pm-5:00pm This angel slept sweetly when I was counseling his mom
She came to look for assistance from SCORE, but was told that it was too late.
She was so thankful that I can talk to her because
it took her two hours to get to our office and Friday is the only day that she is off