Friday, November 21, 2014

2014-11-20 上州講健保聯邦大樓智慧財產講座 Peekskill ACA speech and Veterans Business Forum IP 101

Took the 6:45am Metro North train to Peekskill

Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce

L standing: Deborah Milone, Executive Director, Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce, was thaning the sponsor
Thanks to the Chambers of Commerce for the opportunity to meet with the businesses in Keepskill

Thanks to the sponsor for the sponsorship

Thanks to Juana Pinyol for coordinating this event and translating my presentastion to Spanish
I am sorry that I had to catch the train and didn't have the chance to network with everyone

Thanks to Wilfredo V. Morel for coordinating the event and giving me a ride to the Metro North station
I took the 9:39am train back to the city

2:00pm Monthly Veterans Business Forum
Thanks to John Ahn for leading the pleage of alligiance

Thanks David Postolski, Launch NJ Entrepreneurial Tech Hub, for contacting me to initiate the seminar and
conducting the informative seminar

Thanks to all the attendees for participating in the discussion

Inventors, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs

Group photos for an excellent learning experience

L: John Ahn; R: Benjamin Kim

Thanks to John J. Manzano Jr. for assisting my events for years

with Superman John