Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015-03-25 面談選人及婦女月慶祝講座Emerging Leaders Interview and Women's History Month Celebration

9am-10am Interviewed 3 Emerging Leaders candidates
10am-11:30am Manager Meeting
12:00pm-1:00pm Interviewed 2 the Emerging Leaders Candidates
1pm-4pm Women's History Month Celebration "WOSB Winning Government Contracts and Expanding Business Global" seminar that both RA and DD spoke at
4:30pm-6pm Continued interviewing 4 Emerging Leaders candidates
Thanks to the speakers from NYPD, NYC Dept of Education and NYS Office of General Service

Thanks to Ruth Goldberg for her first speech at the event

Thanks to Kellie LeDet for her Opening Remarks

Thanks to Janice Bracey, GSA, for her presentations at my events for years