Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015-03-28 哥倫比亞大學巴納學院及越南退伍軍人日Barnard College and Vietnam Veterans Day

Saturday, the subway system is very different and slow
Left home at 7:50am to the 9:30am Business Workshop at Barnard College
Left Barnard College at 11:50am and arrived South Ferry at 1:30pm
No south bound #1 subway because of the subway construction work
Had to take north bound to 168 St and then take the SB train 

9:20am Barnard College of Columbia University

old and modern buildings together

Krueger lectural Hall in the Milbank

From the fourth floor

Panelist: Gilbert from State Farm, Meck Khalfan form Puku, and Flaviana Matata from Flaviana Matata Foundation

11:30am with the President of the Face2Face Africa

Thanks to Sandra Appiah for the opportunity to speak to the group
Jonathan Adewumi, owner of two restaurants

She went through the procedure to change the speaker contract for me to sign

Thanks to Face2Face Africa for the great business workshop

After almost of 2 hours of subway ride, I finally got to South Ferry at 1:30pm

2015 Vietnam Veterans Day

with Claudette Williams and Leroy Richard Archble
The sponsor for the Veterans Event on April 27th at The Bronx Museum of Arts

Outdoors ceremony

Barbara Beach, Radioactive Broadcasting, will help me reach out to the veterans

3:50pm Walking to the subway station

The helicopter taking off