Monday, November 2, 2015

2015-11-02 同時準備五個活動及見貴州團 Preparing 5 events and Gui Zhou group visit

Continuing to work on the final details of the three events this week
and Resource Partners Roundtable on 11/12
1. Tue.- Emerging Leaders Final Presentation:
Prepare the Growth Plans for panelist, the table tents and register for the graduation dinner
2. Wed - Veterans Business Day:
Notify the government agencies, lenders and counseling partners; make the registration list;
design new agenda, and arrange the new room and setting
3. Thurs - Emerging Leaders Graduation:
Finalize the agenda, arrange he seats and the materials
4. 11/12 Resource Partner Roundtable:
Make sure all the resource partners get the invitation and reply
Beth asked me to contact Brenta and Dan for the Propect Lab for veterans Opening on 11/9

2pm-3:30pm Meeting the Chinese delegation from State, City and Town Statistic agencies from Guizhou