Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-06-06 幸運籤餅的祝福 Fortune Cookies never lie

 12:15pm on the way to Chinatown

Friday, June 6th, lunch in Chinatown
I got a fortune cookie that said, "You will meet an important person
who will help you advance professionally."

Tue. June 10th, I met Francisco A. Marrero and Jonel F. Hein from Miami District Office
I was touched, inspired and encouraged by DD's speech, action and leadership.
I am thankful for DDD's observation and wisdom.

Thursday, June 19th, I went to say good-bye to Jonel F. Hein before I went to the events
She is going back to Miami
I don't know what changes will be in the office, but I know that she had changed my life because
I see justice, integrity, and HOPE.