Friday, January 30, 2015

2015-01-30 一個認真負責的新聞從業者Meeting with Allison Haunss

6:50am A train on F train route due to the power outage
7:10am Starting working on the Emerging Leaders Initiative partners list
10am Webinar "Starting a Business at 50+" in Chinese and 11am in English
2pm Meeting with Allison Haunss
3pm Meeting with Robin and Malcolm about the Meet the Lenders and Leaders Roundtable
4pm Consulting veteran Deming, Scott
6pm Sending the list to Yolanda
Thanks to Allison Haunss, Working Woman Report, for visiting my office
I invited her to be the keynote of the Small Business

She is the first SBW keynote speaker ever to communicate with me about her forthcoming speech
I now know why she got so many news awards