Monday, February 2, 2015

2015-02-02 終於尋求支援A Cosponsorship Agreement with 7 partners

今天向邁阿密辦公室尋求協助,Jonel & Kim讓我感覺自己不再孤軍奮戰
Calling Miami Office to help me wtth the Emerging Leaders Program.
 Jonel and Kim made me feel I am not alone anymore.
I am proud of myself for reaching out finally.
Always apprecaite those who are so kind to me, and
thank those who made me stronger.
11:30am I completed the cosponsorship agreement with 7 partners
2:30pm Interviewed by Eden Ellis, a graduate student at Duke University, about
women-owned businesses got 7(a) loan
6:30pm It has been snowing all day

Snow is always beautiful to me