Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015-05-01 小企業週頒獎典禮 Small Business Week Award Ceremony

Thanks to all the coordination, helps, participation and the nice weather
The award ceremony is ready

8:10am Setting up

Thanks to Allison(L) for the inspiring keynote and the sincerity

Thanks to Liz for coordinating this event for months with her positive spirit and sweetness

with two people that I respect

Thanks to Rosa Figueroa (L) and Mirian Colon (R) for their partnership

with Veterans Business of the Year and the nominator, LaGuardia SBDC

with Regional Administrator, Kellie Ledet, and Allison's parents

with Brenda, IRS, a special friend

with two winners, Beth and Brenda

with Juan Carlos's mother

The SBA team and Calito